Thar Be Treasure!

Campaign blog
Bullet point story.
  1. 1 Secured ship ( Darktide) and crew.
  2. 2 Shipped blessed by Brother Karro in the name of Valkur.
  3. 3 Maiden voyage around the docks of Cliffside.
  4. 4 Secure weapon shipment bound for Vralkek.
  5. 5 Pick up mysterious bearded man with no memory.
  6. 6 Smooth sailing for the rest of that day.
  7. 7 Night attack! A pack of vicious sea creatures hurl themselves on board the ship to savage the crew. One unlucky crewman in dragged screaming to a watery and bloody grave. Other than that the wounded are few and far between with a couple of scratches and one vicious bite apon Mr D’Cannith.
  8. 8 Arrival at Vralkek! A large port town full of very large and very small inhabitants and all of them are ugly and smell!
  9. 9 A meeting with Mayor Garrash. An ogre? Maybe? His liniege is questionable at best. He seems scarily smart and far sighted for whatever he is. You agree on three trade agreements.
    1- The shipment of weapons. 2- the transportation fo some of his ment to Sharn. 3- a future potential trade for byeshk.
  10. 10 A general browse of Vralkek and buy odds and sods.
  11. 11 A successful return home journey.
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