House Tharashk has stationed a garrison in the growing town of Vralkek, on the southern coast of Droaam. In a land of monsters, “civilized” Brelish immigrants try to make a home. This is the story of those who serve to protect them.

This is indeed the Land of Monsters, and I have never seen the like. Filthy shanties ringed the perimeter of the town proper with thousands of goblins and orcs squatting amongst rock mounds and tents. Bands of gnolls appeared to be patrolling these warrens, harnessing vicious worgs and other dire beasts. Outside the gates, a crew of several hundred ogres labored among newly constructed fortifications, employing monstrous draft horses and laying a stone road headed north along the Scar River.

Within the gates, a vision I shall not soon forget. A bustling coastal town, spilling over with commerce and industry — and not a single representative of the common races in sight. Ogre smiths bartering with bugbear soldiers, uniformed minotaurs drinking with brightly-dressed harpies and medusae. And worse — shambling, squamous things moving about the shadows, fiendish shapes circling overhead.

I also observed several detachments of troll infantry moving purposefully through the city. To my eyes, Vralkek serves as evidence enough that the Daughters are succeeding in their efforts to unite the monstrous denizens of all the Barrens. If their reach has encompassed this southernmost port, I tremble at the thought of what is being wrought in the strongholds of Graywall and the Great Crag. The sister hags command a great power indeed if truly they rule this nation of monsters. Perhaps they should have been invited to parley at the Thronehold Accords after all.


Thar Be Treasure! Ninjagoblin